CareersCERN employs about 2,500 people, but surprisingly, most of these are in the engineering, technical and administrative fields.
The vast majority of physicists working at CERN (more than 12,000) are in fact sent to CERN for various durations by national research institutes, which employ them.
Therefore, CERN offers jobs in different kind of domains such as civil engineering, electronics, mechanics, electromechanics, computing, material engineering, electricity, administration, etc.

CERN offers a unique opportunity to develop an international work experience with excellent working conditions!
French and English are CERN's official languages, which is an advantage for Belgian applicants, who usually master one or both of these languages.

If you want to work for CERN, there are two main recruitment programmes:

  • Graduate programme for young graduates with little or no professional experience for a contract of 1 to 3 years. There are three programme all depending on your level of experience. Selection takes place twice a year through a Selection committee which gathers in May and November. Candidates apply for the programme by describing their profile, giving their motivation and their main field of interest.
  • Staff functions are for all levels of education and professional experience. They are regularly published on CERN Recruitment website.
    Candidates apply for a given post and, therefore, for a precise profile. Contracts are of limited duration (typically 5 years) with possibilities to apply for an indefinite contract later.

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