Dutch-speaking teachers at CERN

Mid-February 2024, a three-day visit of CERN with 35 teachers and educators from Flanders and the Netherlands was organised by the SSVI. 

12 March, 2024

Apply for CERN-Solvay Student Camps!

Are you a high-school student? Do you want to spend one week at CERN with other students from all over the world? Then apply!

14 December, 2023

CERN in Belgium in March and April 2023

2 opportunities to discover more about CERN in a place near you in Belgium in March and April 2023

01 March, 2023

CERN Belgium Roadshow in Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles

Students of 5 different French-speaking Belgian universities were presented CERN offers of internships and graduate jobs

30 November, 2022

Visit of Minister Jo Brouns

Jo Brouns Flemish Minister for Economy, Innovation, Work, Social Economy and Agriculture Government of Flanders visited CERN on 6 September.

14 September, 2022

Visit of the Minister President of Wallonia-Brussels Federation at CERN

The Minister President of Wallonia-Brussels Federation, Pierre-Yves Jeholet, visited CERN on Monday 13 June 2022.

19 June, 2022

The Belgian HSSIP students share their experience in video

End of 2021, 24 Belgian High-School Students came for two weeks at CERN. Satya and Margot have filmed and edited a documentary about their experience.

28 April, 2022

24 Belgian students to the conquest of CERN

Having the chance to do a two-week internship at CERN, to learn more about particle physics, to meet and network with other young people with the same passions, is a dream come true for 24 Belgian students! 

10 December, 2021

Belgian High-School Students Internship Programme

14 days in the largest particle physics lab! Do you take part?

15 March, 2021

Interview with Ambassador Muylle

On the occasion of his departure from Geneva, Ambassador Geert Muylle shares with us his experience of CERN and international Geneva

01 September, 2020