Autumn 2021: Belgian HSSIP

Herfst 2021: Belgisch HSSIP

CERN HSSIP (High School Students Internship Programme) allows 24 high school students aged 16-19 from each Member State to come to CERN for two weeks, to gain practicla experience in science, technology and innovation.
The Belgian programme was initially planned in 2020, but due to the COVID-19 episode, CERN management has decided to push it to autumn 2021 (final date to be confirmed by october 2020).
The programme of this internship will consist of seminars/exchanges with CERN staff members, visits to some unique sites in the world and an immersion with CERN teams. In groups of 2-3 students with the same mother tongue, the students will work with their supervisors on a project that can cover all areas of CERN's activity: understanding the correlation between raindrops and muons, protection systems for the LHC accelerator, scientific communication in a large international laboratory, setting up an RFID system and much more.

We are already looking for volunteers amongst CERN personnel, speaking Dutch and French, to define projects and welcome the students for about 50% of their presence (usually half-days). If you are interested, please contact François Briard, Belgian HSSIP coordinator.