VisitsCERN welcomes about 170,000 visitors from all over the world every year, either to visit the permanent exhibitions or to follow a guided tour of the installations.
But it is also possible to book a group virtual visit of one of the LHC experiments: ATLAS or CMS.

All CERN visits are free of charge.

In 2019 CERN welcomed 112 Belgian groups for a total of approximately 1950 visitors on guided tours (which represents 1.3% of the total number of visitors on guided tours).
Geneva is particularly well connected to Belgium by airplane with multiple daily flights, which makes a one-day-visit programme a valid option.
When coming by car from Belgium, estimate around 6-8 hours of driving hours depending on your starting point.

Visit the permanent exhibitions - no booking needed

Guided tours - booking mandatory

Advice for the guided tours:

  • Book the tour AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE. The CERN Visits Service receives twice as many requests as it can accept.
  • Favor group tours, as they increase your chances to get a booking.
  • Do not book travel or hotel until your visit booking has been confirmed by CERN.

Contact person

Francois Briard

François BRIARD

Head of Visitors and Local Engagement Service
Contact for Belgian teachers and students programme

Phone: +41 22 767 28 35