Belgian High-School Students Internship Programme

Belgian High-School Students Internship

The “High School Students Internship Programme (HSSIP)” at CERN exists for 5 years. It invites high-school students from CERN Member States to spend two weeks internship in this unique research centre, home of the LHC, the largest particle accelerator built in the world.

In 2021, Belgium has the chance to participate to HSSIP... for the first time!

If your are a student interested by science (physics and technology, but also engineering, IT, scientific research etc.) and if you want to spend two weeks in a renowned international environment, we advise you to apply. You will then dive in the fascinating world of particle physics, a top research field in which Belgium plays a important role.

Internship will take place between 24 October and 6 November 2021. There are 24 places for Belgian students, distributed across the three linguistic communities of the country. While giving a chance to everyone, the internships will be assigned to the most motivated students.

During the internship, various research projects, individual or in teams, will be lead by the students. They will be supervised by CERN staff, in Dutch, French or German, depending on the student's mother tongue. Visits and lectures on research at CERN will also be proposed, mostly in English.

The projects will be varied, from fundamental research in particle physics to cosmology, looking at accelerators, material science, communication and education. Social events will also be proposed to the members of the Belgian delegation.

Applications are opened until 1 May 2021 on